Learning leads to a universe of opportunities

It's great to see you visiting our site today.
It shows you are interested in learning.

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Wall of Fame

We know that you are doing great stuff out there on the Fronter platform. Do you want to show off and inspire others with your work?
It can be something you did by yourself, or that your class has done together. Or something you have done to motivate your teacher.
We have created a space for you to share those stories and hope that you will.

How can I be responsible for my education?

  • See learning as a means to reach your goals
  • Set yourself short term and long term targets, goals and ambitions
  • Hard work! There is nothing you can't do if you put your mind and time into it
  • Don't forget to give yourself a reward for completing work


How can I fit everything into my life?

  • Log into Fronter often to make sure you know your tasks and deadlines
  • Use the 'to do list' tool to prioritise your work
  • Participate in Fronter forums and share knowledge with friends and teachers
  • Submit work from anywhere with internet access


How can I motivate my teacher?

  • Tell your teacher you like using Fronter
  • Ask your teacher to put homework on Fronter instead of printing it out
  • Like doing tests on Fronter? Tell your teacher you do and ask for more
  • Suggest using Fronter to create polls and surveys to find out what areas you need help with
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