Learning Platform Review


A Learning Platform Review is a two hour online consultancy meeting that will help you to review your progress with
implementing Fronter and identifying your next steps. This can be booked in for a time which is most convenient for you. 

What will the Review cover?
- Exploration of your school usage statistics in comparison with usage data for similar size and phase schools and the average for your LA. This will enable you to identify what is working in school already, what is not and what can be done to improve the effectiveness of the platform
- Discussion of ways you can achieve better educational value from your learning platform
- Analysis of how your school could find improved value for money with the learning platform
- Discuss ways you can achieve better value by using your learning platform

How will this work online?
The Learning Platform Review takes place via an educational conference facility called ‘Collaborate ClassLive’. Using this is very straightforward indeed. You will be sent joining instructions on registration. The online conference space is equipped with a fully functional whiteboard, presentation facilities, sound, video, and desktop share – so the facilitator will be able to demonstrate live online all sorts of exciting, useful and real examples of learning platforms in use.

Our facilitators are all experienced leaders of online conferences and webinars – they will put you at ease and help you find your way around the conference facility before the Review gets properly underway.

How many members of staff can log into the Review?
We recommend that at least one member of the Senior Leadership Team attends the Review, together with the
school’s learning platform ‘champions’.

Do I have to book or buy other services as a result of the Review?
No. Nothing at all. Just give us a call, or drop us an email to book your place.

Do we need any special equipment?
No. All you need is one internet enabled computer with speakers, one large screen/projector/interactive whiteboard (for shared viewing) and one microphone for talking to the Review facilitator. If you want to log in from different places (to save the squash in the Head’s office) each person can log in from their own internet enabled computer. No need for big speakers, the one in the computer will do, but headphones can be an advantage. People
will need a microphone if they want to contribute to the discussion, (but there is a live typed ’chat’ facility in the
conference room, so a microphone is not essential).

What have we got to gain?
...a new understanding of this powerful aspect of your school’s resources and a fresh approach to making your learning platform work harder for you. Interested? Then talk to one of our team now!

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